Published by Ross Watson

Our upcoming event at the Concord Centre in Dumbarton is fast approaching folks. We have a fantastic night of top quality action lined up featuring Britain's finest.

Before we get on with the announcement, we sadly have to make everyone aware that both Angel Hayze & Rhio are no longer available to appear at the show due to other commitments. We look forward to having them both back in action for us in no time at all.

We are delighted to confirm that Liverpool's own Lizzy Evo will be appearing at the Concord Centre for the first time. She will go up against none other than Melissa Fierce in singles competition.

There we have it, we now have three huge matches confirmed and still have another three to announce shortly. Tickets are flying out for this one folks. General admission tickets are still available online at www.ringsideworld.co.uk and locally at the Meadow Centre.


  • Logan Smith vs Sheikh El Sham
  • Lizzy Evo vs Melissa Fierce
  • Krieger vs Davey Blaze with Charles Boddington