It is now less than one month until we return to the Concord Centre in Dumbarton folks. On Friday 30th June we will be back and our goal is to put on our best Dumbarton show yet.

Tonight's match announcement is one that we are super confident will help us attain that goal. For the first time ever PBW's own Logan Smith will go one on one against Sheikh El Sham. It is rare these days to have a first time ever match with there being so many shows running throughout the UK. We cant wait to see one of Scotland's best go up against one of England's best. This has all the potential to be a fantastic match that is sure to have everyone in attendance on the edge of their seats.

Tickets are selling fast for this show. At the time of writing this, there are only five front row seats still available. Front row and general admission tickets can be purchased online at General admission tickets are also available locally at the Meadow Centre.


  • Logan Smith vs Sheikh El Sham
  • Krieger vs Davey Blaze with Charles Boddington

Four more matches still to be announced.