Published by Ross Watson

On Friday night, the PBW express arrived back in Campbeltown. This was our second live event in the 'Wee Toon' and our first time at the Victoria Hall. We were delighted with the turnout for the show which saw an over 50% rise in attendance from our first show last year. We would like to say a massive thank you to our Campbeltown regulars who came long for the second time, your support is very much appreciated. Also a massive welcome to those who were attending a PBW show for the first time. We hope everyone in attendance had as much fun as we did. We love making the trip down and are already looking forward to returning in the future.

As promised the show was action packed from start to finish and as expected, the atmosphere was electric from start to finish. The kids in Campbeltown are crazy loud for their favourites and certainly let wrestlers like Davey Blaze & Xander Davidson know how they feel about them.

Speaking of Davey Blaze, it also seems that Krieger has finally had enough of his underhand tactics. Blaze tried his best to intervene in our main event to assist Krieger only for it to backfire in a big way with Blaze costing Krieger the match. We believe that Blaze then berating Krieger after the match was the straw that finally broke the camels back. The end results was Blaze being greeted by a steel chair courtesy of Krieger.

We have yet to hear from either Blaze or Krieger yet regarding this but we have a feeling that this is far from over.

Official results are as follow:

  • Davey Blaze bt Ray Berani
  • Angel Hayze bt KT Mills
  • Logan Smith bt Xander Davidson
  • Marc Munro & Silas Everett bt Sam Taylor & Alex Clark
  • Lucha DS bt Krieger