Published by Ross Watson

Well, it is safe to say that Friday’s show in Larbert was one to remember. We were delighted with the show and truly appreciate all the positive feedback. A massive thank you to everyone who came out and supported us, especially during these difficult financial times. As always, you guys didn’t disappoint. A good show becomes a great show when we get crowds like we did at the Dobbie Hall, the atmosphere was fantastic.

With Maximum Impact 2022 approaching, we knew that anything could happen at Larbert and there were certainly a few surprises.

We saw the crowing of new PBW Tag Team Champions! It is safe to say that this caught everyone off guard. I-Gen once again showed their commitment to be fighting champions and issued an Open Challenge for the show. This opportunity was quickly grabbed by none other than TJ Rage & Dean Ford. A brilliant back and forth match would ensue that would finally see I-Gen’s remarkable title reign come to an end. The shock result was immediately followed by another huge shock when Craig Anthony turned his back on his long-term friend, delivering a vicious superkick to Kelly. Anthony wasn’t done there either, screaming at both Kelly and the PBW fans that he was done. As it stands, PBW management have been unable to contact Craig Anthony and at this stage, we simply don’t know what the future holds for him.

On a more positive note, those in attendance were treated to a surprise debut. Every so often PBW management likes to give the fans an unannounced surprise on the night. On the lead up to the show a singles match was announced between Ray Berani and Krieger. On the night both competitors were literally in the ring waiting on the bell when PBW ring announcer Fiona Lochrin would inform everyone that the match was now a triple threat. Seconds later, newcomer Hugo Harris was in the ring and the match quickly went from first gear to fifth gear. Despite failing to secure the victory on his PBW debut, Harris definitely impressed and earned the respect of the PBW fanbase in the process.

Hugo Harris wasn’t the only debut on the night. Liverpool’s own Harley Hudson has arrived at PBW. Hudson clearly isn’t lacking in confidence, however that confidence might have taken a knock after her loss to our very own Angel Hayze. It didn’t come as a shock when Hudson emailed PBW management barely two hours after the show had finished demanding a rematch. While we commend her passion and can understand the frustration from losing on a debut match. The justification of “THAT BETTER NOT BE CONFIRMED AS A LOSS, THE FANS DISTRACTED ME WHICH IS CHEATING” is not the most compelling argument. Despite this, Angel Hayze has been contacted about a rematch and we are confident she will be more than happy to oblige.

Yet another rising start would also make his mark in Larbert. PBW Academy standout Scott Valentine has been steadily making a name for himself this year. Standing at 6ft 4, Valentine is an intimidating force for even the most experienced opponent. Friday night saw him make his Dobbie Hall debut and more importantly, his hometown debut. It was clear from the moment the bell rang, Valentine was on a mission, not to embrace the hometown support but to show his intent and that’s exactly what he did with a victory over the highly rated Logan Smith.

On top of all that, we can now confirm that the PBW Championship Tournament Final will see Sheikh El Sham square off against Daz Black after both men emerged victorious from their respective semi-final bouts. The final will take place at Maximum Impact 2022, Friday 28th October, Greenock Town Hall.

It has been an exciting year for PBW so far. There is a new-found energy running through the roster, our top stars have been going all out at every show to make up for lost time and regain that pre-pandemic buzz that the shows had. We are also thrilled to have some of the most promising young stars in the UK looking earn their place on the PBW roster as we move forward into a new era.

Once again, we would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who came to the show. It is great to see familiar faces return time after time and we beyond appreciate the loyalty. We have been lucky enough to run hundreds of shows over the years across the country but there is a reason the Dobbie Hall has become one of our regular venues. With this in mind, we are delighted to confirm that we will be back on Friday 3rd March to kick off our 2023 campaign. Save the date folks, more information coming soon.

16.09.22 – Dobbie Hall – Official Results

  • Ray Berani bt Krieger & Hugo Harris
  • PBW TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH – TJ Rage & Dean Ford bt I-Gen to become new Tag Team Champions
  • Angel Hayze bt Harley Hudson
  • Scott Valentine bt Logan Smith
  • PBW CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT SEMI-FINAL – Daz Black bt Davey Blaze with Charles Boddington

Pictures coming soon…