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Historical Step for European Wrestling // UEWA is launching july 1st!

After a lot of work, we are happy to finally announce the first step of history in the making. The start of the Union Of European Wrestling Alliances (or UEWA for short), effectively starting july 1st. As the name says, UEWA is not yet another wrestling promotion but a union of some of the best european wrestling promotions who will work together closely in all their future endeavourments.

Much like in the old school days, UEWA is divided into territories with one promotion representing each country. Only exception from the rule is England as the main country of european wrestling today. England will be represented by two promotions. All participating promotions have equal rights with more territories possibly joining in the near future.

The following promotions are part of the UEWA at the day of its foundation:
- All Star Wrestling (Stoke-On-Trent, England)
- Catch Wrestling Norddeutschland (Norderstedt, Germany)
- Danish Pro Wrestling (Midtjylland, Denmark)
- Italian Championship Wrestling (Milan, Italy)
- Premier British Wrestling (Glasgow, Scotland)
- Riotgas Wrestling Alliance (Vienna, Austria)
- Shooting Star Wrestling (Yorkshire, England)
- World Wide Pro Wrestling (Tuggen, Switzerland)

UEWA itself will not promote any shows but will sanction all events from its member promotions. The main goal of UEWA is to create a title with credibility which lives up to the name it carries unlike a lot of other titles in the business today.

Thus said, we are happy to introduce the European Heavyweight Championship which is a joint venture of all promotions within the UEWA. The first European Heavyweight Champion will be crowned in a sixteen men tournament with the first round taking place in the UEWA member promotions and the winner’s advancing to a big one night tournament taking place in the spring of 2010 in a place yet to be determined to follow the footsteps of famous European wrestlers like Shirley “Big Daddy” Crabtree, Horst Hoffman, Johnny Kincaid and Pat Roach. Who exactly the participants in this tournament are will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

As part of the agreement between all member promotions, the newly crowned European Heavyweight Champion is going to defend his title all over Europe in all our partner promotions to prove himself a real, fighting and worthy European Heavyweight Champion.

More information regarding UEWA and all its member promotions can be found at www.uewa.eu


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