Breaking Limits 4 a huge success


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This past Saturday Premier British Wrestling returned to our favourite venue, The Vikingar in Largs as we presented Breaking Limits 4 in front of over 300 screaming fans. In a night full of top quality action packed wrestling the results were as follows:

Darkside with Charles Boddington beat BT Gunn

A great match to open the show with two of the top stars in Scottish Wrestling going at it full force with some really hard hitting offence from both competitors. To the anger of the PBW fans Darkside picked up the victory on this occasion and has surely done himself no harm at all as he continues on his quest for a shot at Lionhearts PBW Championship.

Falcon beat 'Bad Boy' Liam Thomson

Unfortunately due to t an injury sustained the night before in a match in England El Ligero was forced to withdraw from Breaking Limits 4 which gave Falcon an opportunity to make an impression in Largs which is exactly what he did, picking up a victory over Thomson in an excellent matchup.

NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS MATCH - Martin Stone beat Wolfgang

It didnt take long for the action to spill from the ring as these two warriors battled through the crowd in Largs before returning to the ring to slug it out. Just when fans thought their hero Wolfgang was about to pick up the victory Stone used a cricket bat behind the referees back striking Wolfgang across the ribs to land the 3 count. Martin Stone will now challenge for teh PBW Championship at Maximum

FOUR NATIONS TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH - GW&A BT Damned Nation, Kaio & Red Devil and High Energy to become new PBW Tag Team Champions.

All four teams went at it non stop for over 20 minutes before Sean South managed to pick up a pin on Johnny Star as the others brawled around the ring. Sean South and Jordan Devlin now become only the third ever team to hold the PBW Tag Team Championships.

Bubblegum beat Brad Fusion

In a match that has been building for over a year this one was never going to be anything other than a straight up fight with some of the hardest kicks ever witnessed in a PBW ring. These two former best friends knocked lumps out of each other before Bubblegum managed to pick up the popular victory thanks to a 619 on Fusion. What now for Brad Fusion a man who has clearly worked very hard to get himself in the best shape of his career, only time will tell.

PBW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH -Lionheart retained his title by beating Johnny Moss

In a match that found two of the UKs top wrestlers facing each other in singles competition for the first time ever the atmosphere in The Vikingar was simply electric and this match delivered in a big way. Just when fans in Largs had thought they had seen it all in on enight these two great athletes go out and had a fantastic contest with fan favourite Lionheart coming close on a few occasions to losing his beloved PBW title before hitting his frogsplash for what has to be one of the biggest victories in his career.

PBW management would like to take this opportunity to thank all the wrestlers for their hard work and too all the great fans who turned out to make Breaking Limits 4 a night to remember. The show was filmed and will be released on DVD. Stay tuned to for details.


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