Huge match annouced for Breaking Limits 4


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On Saturday April 25th Premier British Wrestling returns to Largs to present its anniversary show Breaking Limits 4. Quite aptly the show is called Breaking Limits 4 as this is the 4th time that Premier British Wrestling brings the glitz and glamour of the best of British wrestling to the seaside town of Largs.
The Vikingar Leisure centre has been treated in the past to some memorable moments in PBW history such as the crowning of the first ever PBW Tag Team Champions in Bubblegum and Brad Fusion. They were in the minds and the hearts of the fans as the dream team and went from town to town defending the Tag Titles wherever they went.
It was at the Breach of the Peace 2008 event in Barrhead where the Tag Team Championship was on the line when some of the fans noticed that Brad Fusion stole the pin fall from his tag team partner Bubblegum. At the time no one thought of it as we were in hyped frenzy going into Breaking Limits 3 in Largs. At that event the team of Mike Musso and Nathan Reynolds with Sarah had their shot at PBW fame and glory as the Tag Championship was on the line. All was looking good as Bubblegum was about to reach out and get that helping hand from his tag partner of over a year but that helping hand was rejected and Fusion stepped down from the ring and walked away to the horror of Bubblegum who ended up on a savage two on one beat down resulting in him being unable to cope leading to the lose of the tag team gold.
Time went by and we saw nothing of the former tag champions at all for a long period of time. It was when time came around for PBW to present its Maximum Impact 2 show in The Magnum Centre Irvine when Bubblegum was entered into the highly regarded King of Cruisers match. It was in this match Bubblegum succeeded over 5 of the top Cruiserweights in Britain to receive the accolade of King of Cruisers 2008. In celebration a vengefull and spiteful Fusion came through the crowd and battered Bubblegum a former partner and friend to the disgust of the fans in Irvine..
Since then Brad Fusion has claimed two singles victories taking out young talent from the SPWA. A very angry Brad Fusion has said to PBW management that on the biggest show of the year in PBW he wants to end it where it all started and he wants Bubblegum one one on in Largs. PBW management accepted Fusion in his request and when getting in contact with Bubblegum the challenged was accepted.

So in Largs it has been just over one year in the making



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