Fully Charged 2009 results


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With over 200 fans in attendance things got under way with MC Tom Aitken and referee Richard Nailer making their way to the ring.

Wolfgang defeated Jason Rotanda

Two of the biggest men in Scottish wrestling came face-to-face for the first time ever in what was an explosive, hard-hitting match-up that could have gone either way until the more experienced Wolfgang caught Rotanda sleeping with a roll-up for the win. Although not victorious on his Greenock debut, Jason Rotanda once again showed why he is rated so highly by PBW managment with this impressive performance against the former two-time PBW Heavyweight Champion.

Darkside with Charles Boddington, Andy Wild & Rob Cage defeated Jamie Feerick

Darkside and Boddington are fastly becoming two of the most hated men in PBW history and they didn’t do much to help their reputation when Boddington announced that Wild & Cage would be ringside for the duration of the match. What followed was a fast paced action packed match with the ever popular Feerick looking like he was about to pull of the upset. This. however, wasn’t to be as Darkside picked up the pin-fall victory after a low blow on Feerick as Boddington distracted the referee. Although Feerick fell victim to a numbers game on this occasion, he must be wondering what he has to do to finally pick up a singles victory in PBW. With Feerick not picking up a win in PBW in over a year, will his determination to be the best help him find his winning ways in 2009?

GW&A (Sean South & Jordan Devlin) defeated RTA (Danny McLean& Sean Mckenzie)

Excellent tag team action here as the débuting Jordan Devlin teamed up with PBW mainstay Sean South to form The Green, White & Awesome. Love them or hate them, these two Irish fighters have bags of talent and are sure to go a long way in PBW. RTA as well on the night showed that they are more than capabale of holding there own against the more experienced talents of GW&A. Great crowd interaction and some big moves before Sean South picked up the win for the boys from Ireland.

Falcon defeated Red Lightning

The masked man of Scottish wrestling, Falcon versus a man the PBW fans love to hate, Red Lightning. This match always was going to be an entertaining encounter and that’s exactly what the fans got, as Falcon’s quick paced offence kept them on the edge of their seats. A popular victory for one of the top cruiser weights in the country today.

Mike Musso defeated Scott Renwick

Fresh of his one-on-one encounter with Martin Stone this past December at “Britain’s Elite” Scott Renwick came out with confidence as he squared of against a former PBW Tag Team Champion in Mike Musso. Good solid match from both men with Musso picking up the victory to the dismay of the PBW fans.

Tables Match for the PBW Heavyweight Title: Lionheart defeated Adam Shame

Adam Shame arrived in PBW last night and knew this was his first singles outing in PBW and possibly the biggest match of his career as he would battle PBW’s top man, Lionheart, in a tables match for the championship. What followed was a brutal match, as both men fought all around the ringside. After referee Richard Nailer took a knock and missed Lionheart back drop Shame through a table, fans started to panic as they thought Lionheart had missed his chance, but it didn’t take long for Adam Shame to find himself lying back down on a second table looking up as Lionheart came down with a Frog Splash from the top for the win. An angry Shame then attacked Lionheart after the match, only for The Highlander to make the save.

Will Shame let things slide? Stay tuned to pbwwrestling.com to find out all the lates news.

PBW owner Ross Watson would like to take this opportunity to thank all the great PBW fans who attended the show during these difficult times and helped make Fully Charged 2009 a huge success. Pictures from the event will be on-line at pbwwrestling.com shortly.


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