Published Monday, 12th March 2018

Since we are just days away from our next event in Larbert's Dobbie Hall, it seems appropriate to announce another couple of matches. In fact, since we're feeling generous, we can now confirm two matches for Friday's event in Larbert and another two for our event next week at the Greenock Town Hall!

Friday's show will see a rare singles outing for one half of our Tag Team Champions, the ever flamboyant, Krieger. He will go head to head with Italian star, Paxxo, who has continued to make his mark in the company since his debut. Will Krieger be able to secure a victory without Lou King Sharp in his corner, or will Paxxo cement his place in PBW with a win over one of the champs? 

Larbert will also see three of PBW's biggest stars face-off in the one match. Two heavyweights, Jack Jester and Davey Blaze, will meet the high-flying Kenny Williams in the squared circle for what promises to be an action-packed triple threat. It would appear that Williams is the underdog in this match, with both Jester and Blaze boasting a distinct weight advantage. However, anyone who has ever seen Williams wrestle will know better than to write him off so easily. With Charles Boddington also in attendance to accompany Davey Blaze to the ring, shenanigans are bound to ensue.

The duo of Blaze and Boddington will also be back a week later, this time in the Greenock Town Hall to face self-proclaimed "Your Naan's favourite wrestler", Amir Jordan. Having previously impressed PBW fans with his exuberant personality and high-flying athleticism, Jordan will be an interesting opponent for Davey Blaze.

Our Greenock event will also see the debut of rising English star, Kip Sabian, who has been making waves in several promotions across the UK. While Sabian will likely be looking to impress with a victory on his PBW debut, that will be no easy task. He will be stepping into the ring with former PBW Champion, BT Gunn, who, like him or loathe him, is one of the very best in the UK today.

We're sure that each show will have something for everyone, so here's a recap of all the info you need for each event. More matches will be announced soon.

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