Published Saturday, 7th October 2017

The dust has settled after another fantastic night at the Dobbie Hall in Larbert. An enthusiastic crowd were on hand to enjoy what many have said was our best show of 2017 so far. However, the night would end on a sour note as arguably the most popular PBW star of all time, BT Gunn, sensationally turned his back on his long time friend and former tag team partner, Stevie Xavier.

BT Gunn initially appeared frustrated that Xavier had allowed himself to be tricked into a disqualification by reigning tag team champions Lou King Sharp & Krieger. Gunn grabbed the mic and told Xavier that they were done and he had had enough of being let down. Granted, it wasn't an ideal situation, and definitely one the fans did not want to see, but as the two men shook hands there was hope from everyone in attendance that this would just be a bump in the road. Then it happened, years of friendship ruined in one kick. Nothing more than a cheap shot from Gunn to the one person who has always had his back.

With both PBW staff and fans still in shock at Gunn's actions, PBW management have confirmed that they have reached out to both stars this morning and have yet to receive a response from either. Safe to say that things are going to get very interesting at Airdrie Town Hall this Saturday night.

Sha Samuels also managed to level the score with long time foe, Grado as he picked up the win. This now makes it one apiece at the Dobbie Hall. Grado has demanded a third and final match "as soon as possible to finish it once and for all".

We would like to thank everyone who attended the show last night. The feedback on our social media pages has been tremendous and we are all delighted everyone had a great evening. We will be back at the Dobbie Hall during March 2018. The exact date will be announced in the coming weeks.

As always the legendary David Wilson was on hand last night to capture all the action. Pictures will be uploaded in the coming days.





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