Andy Wild

Andy Wild
Fife, Scotland
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Unstoppable is a word that is thrown around a lot these days but when it comes to Andy Wild, it's one that sums up one of Premier British Wrestling's most well rounded athletes perfectly.

An athlete and graduate of the PBW academy who is as perfectly comfortable in the air as he is on the mat, Wild hasn't only proven himself to be a mainstay in PBW, he is regarded as one of British Wrestling's finest. Having competed in Europe and America, including an appearance in the world famous ECW Arena; Wild has shown himself to be a fan favourite amongst the PBW fans and taken on everyone from former PBW Champions like Lionheart and BT Gunn to Zack Sabre Jr and WWE Superstar Finn Balor to their limits.

Championship gold may have eluded the Fife born Wild so far in his PBW career but you can always rely on him to show heart, determination and the PBW fans will go Wild every time he steps in a PBW ring.

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