Published Monday, 30th April 2018

If you were unlucky enough to miss out on our double header of shows this past weekend, never fear! We have all the results from both our return to St Eunan's Primary School in Clydebank and our annual Breaking Limits event which took place in Airdrie Town Hall for the very first time.

 It’s always a pleasure to bring a PBW show to Clydebank and the St Eunan’s crowd were a delight as always. In fact, they’ve got such a great reputation as a fantastic audience that when PBW Champion, Stevie Xavier, appeared at the venue on Friday night he insisted he be allowed to defend his championship. With a title defence scheduled the following evening against Bram, Xavier was not expected to out his belt on the line in Clydebank but was adamant he wanted to defend the championship at every opportunity. Management granted his request and so the St Eunan's fans were treated to an action-packed bout between Xavier and Davey Blaze for the PBW Heavyweight Championship. While the match was excellent, Blaze didn’t manage to dethrone the champ on this occasion.

It’s one thing to fight off the challengers, but it takes a special kind of champion to go out looking for them.

Massive thanks to everyone in attendance and to Catherine Roberts for bringing us back to St Eunan's once again. We hope to return later in the year.

 The following evening, Airdrie played host to our annual Breaking Limits event for the very first time. The audience in Airdrie is always outstanding but the sold out Town Hall crowd on Saturday night really outdid themselves with their energy and enthusiasm throughout the show.

Things kicked off with PBW Tag Team Champions, Lou King Sharp & Krieger, defending their titles against the team of Aaron Echo and Kenny Williams. Initially, Echo had the size and strength advantage over Sharp but some shady tactics from Krieger gave him and Sharp the upper hand for the majority of the match. Just as it seemed Williams and Echo might be about to get the gold, Lou King Sharp suffered a broken nose. This injury distracted the ref long enough for Krieger to crotch Williams, low-blow Echo and steal the pin.

Up next was former champ, BT Gunn facing “The Iron Man” Joe Coffey. With both men at the very top of the British wrestling scene, this was always going to be a highly entertaining match. After a lot of back and forth between the two competitors, it was Coffey who gained the victory. With a less than impressive win-loss ratio, it seems karma could be catching up to BT Gunn after his betrayal of Stevie Xavier. That said, as one of the very top performers in the country, Gunn should never be underestimated.

 The first half main event brought together two of Scotland’s most popular wrestlers in Kasey Owens and WWE UK star, Wolfgang to face the formidable Mikey Whiplash and Emily Hayden. With the crowd firmly in the corner of Wolfgang and Kasey for the duration of the match, it was an unpopular result when Hayden hit Owens with her Twist of Fate for the win. It will be interesting to see if Owens will look to settle the score with Hayden in a PBW ring in the future.

 Opening up the second half of the show was Stevenston’s own, Grado, who faced off against Davey Blaze and his manager, Charles Boddington. As predicted by many, multiple shenanigans ensued with Blaze and Boddington trying every sneaky trick in the book to get the pin on Grado. Much to the delight of the fans in attendance, their underhanded tactics failed. Grado got the pin and even managed to RKO the pair of them!

 Next up was a battle of the heavyweights with Airdrie’s TJ Rage taking on “The Power Forward”, Mark Coffey. As you would expect, this was an extremely hard hitting match with a real display of strength from both competitors. It was Rage who managed to get the three count, much to the delight of his hometown crowd. That said, it was clear that early on in the match, Coffey tweaked an old hamstring injury. Had this not occurred, its difficult to say if the result would have stayed the same.

 On a night filled with some brilliant wrestling it’s difficult to single out any one bout as match of the night…but the main event might just have been it. PBW Champion, Stevie Xavier took on International star, Bram. From the moment the two men stepped in the ring, it was obvious that this would be no easy defence for Xavier. Bram initially dominated Xavier, delivering brutal strikes that kept Xavier from employing any of his high-flying offence. He couldn’t be kept down for long though and the fight quickly spilled out the ring and through the hall. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that this was Xavier’s toughest title defence yet, with Bram coming perilously close to getting the three count multiple times. However, Xavier would not be beaten. Despite interference from Davey Blaze and Krieger on Bram’s behalf, Wolfgang had Xavier’s back and stopped their involvement long enough for Xavier to get the win fairly.

 We can’t thank the fans enough for creating such an amazing atmosphere and continuing to support PBW. We would also like to thank the venue staff for their continued help in make our Airdrie events a success.

 Mr David Wilson’s pictures from Breaking Limits will be up on the website and Facebook shortly and the full event will be available on DVD in the coming weeks.

 Our next event will be on May 11th at Antonine Primary School in Drumchapel with full show details also available on our Facebook and website.





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